Our studios do more than bring strength and flexibility to members' lives. With a dedication to detail and unwavering support from our team of experts, we help franchises transform their careers and communities

YogaM48 Franchise

•Yoga created boutique fitness as we know it. At YogaM48 we are changing the way people think and experience yoga. In yoga, every day is different, but there is always room to learn, grow and keep seeing results. The more we learn, the stronger we get, the better we feel physically and mentally. Yoga is a mental practice as much as it is physical.

•Our yoga and fitness classes allow our members to define their own success, from one day to the next - to customize their practice. We help members connect to themselves in a way that is energizing, empowering, and fun.

•YogaM48 特許經營權正如我們所知,瑜伽創造了精品健身。 在 YogaM48,我們正在改變人們思考和體驗瑜伽的方式。 在瑜伽中,每一天都不同,但總有學習、成長和不斷看到結果的空間。 我們學得越多,我們就會變得越強壯,

•我們的身心感覺就越好。 瑜伽既是身體上的練習,也是精神上的練習。我們的瑜伽和健身課程讓我們的會員能夠定義自己的成功,從一天到下一天 - 定制他們的練習。 我們幫助會員以一種充滿活力、賦權和樂趣的方式與自己建立聯繫。

Why Own a YogaM48 Studio?
為什麼要擁有 YogaM48 工作室?

First Mover Advantage

•With a proven concept in a number of competitive markets, YogaM48 has extensive market potential - be the first to bring YogaM48 truly unique and modern approach to Yoga to your local market!


•YogaM48 憑藉在多個競爭市場中得到驗證的概念,具有廣泛的市場潛力 - 成為第一個將 YogaM48 真正獨特和現代的瑜伽方法引入您當地市場的公司!

Extensive Support

•We believe extensive training drives your success - from lease negotiation to build out, recruitment to finance, and sales & marketing to sustainable business, you’ll be supported every step of the way!



Executive Model

•Our franchise model provides a completely scalable business, allowing you to determine your own success. Leverage development costs and national vendor relationships to launch your studio successfully.


我們的特許經營模式提供了一個完全可擴展的業務,讓您決定自己的成功。 利用開發成本和全國供應商關係成功啟動您的工作室


•Enjoy a low-cost entry, a recurring revenue model, truly exceptional EBITDA margins and the confidence in our team that has more than decades of experience in fitness franchising.



1. Integrity

We believe without integrity no long-lasting success can be achieved. Every day we challenge ourselves to maintain integrity in our teachings and operations.



我們相信,沒有誠信,就無法取得長久的成功。 我們每天都在挑戰自己,以在我們的教學和運作中保持誠信。

3. Commitment

We believe that without 100% commitment no real growth can be achieved. We commit to our personal growth and to the growth of our students. We understand our responsibility for our actions and value the trust placed in us by our students.

3. 承諾

我們相信,沒有 100% 的承諾,就無法實現真正的增長。 我們致力於個人成長和學生的成長。 我們了解我們對自己行為的責任,並重視學生對我們的信任。

5. Continuous Learning

We always aim to become a better version of ourselves through constant learning. Every day we think of creative ways to improve our services and to serve our community better.


5. 持續學習

我們始終致力於通過不斷學習成為更好的自己。 我們每天都在想辦法改進我們的服務並更好地為我們的社區服務。 

Our Core Values — Your Journey
Our values speak directly to your journey with YogaM48

2. Courage

We know in order to make a meaningful change we need the courage to break through old patterns. We strive to choose for what is right not what is easy.


2. 勇氣

我們知道,為了做出有意義的改變,我們需要勇於打破舊模式。 我們努力選擇正確的而不是容易的。

4. Consistency and Efficiency

Like a plant needs to be watered regularly, we believe effort and practice have to be consistent to show better results. We find it very important to be efficient as time is the only commodity which is not recoverable. 


4. 一致性和效率

就像植物需要定期澆水一樣,我們相信努力和實踐必須一致才能顯示出更好的結果。 我們發現提高效率非常重要,因為時間是唯一不可恢復的商品。

What Support Does YogaM48 Provide?
YogaM48 提供哪些支持?

Site Build Support

•We’ll guide you through the entire build out process from corporate approved layout and general construction to interior design and on-site security and technology.




•Enjoy comprehensive and ongoing sales training, monthly calls, expert guidance from pre-sale through to Grand Opening and into sustainability. Get introduced to our multi-channel sales process to drive sales from the start!


•享受全面和持續的銷售培訓、每月電話、從預售到盛大開業再到可持續發展的專家指導。 了解我們的多渠道銷售流程,從一開始就推動銷售!


•The minute you sign your lease agreement, the marketing of your location begins, with personalized support to set up social media, marketing materials and all means of generating website traffic and memberships.




•Receive assistance hiring the most qualified instructors, general managers & sales team.



YogaM48 is part of the Wellness Lab family of brands, a curator of leading fitness & wellness brands across every vertical of boutique fitness. With decades of boutique fitness franchising experience, Wellness Lab has the resources and network to ensure continued growth and support for our franchise partners. Current Wellness Lab franchise brands include KX Pilates, M48 Wellness Lab and Wehab Rehabilitation & Exercising Specialist Centre.


YogaM48 是 Wellness Lab 品牌系列的一部分,該系列是精品健身各個垂直領域領先健身和健康品牌的策展人。 憑藉數十年的精品健身特許經營經驗,Wellness Lab 擁有資源和網絡來確保我們的特許經營合作夥伴的持續增長和支持。 目前 Wellness Lab 特許經營品牌包括 KX Pilates、M48 Wellness Lab 和 WEHAB物理治療及專項訓練中心。

Comprehensive Training

•We believe extensive support and comprehensive training is pivotal for your success as a YogaM48 Franchise Owner. You’ll attend a 2-day training course at our corporate headquarters in Hong Kong along with an annual Franchise Convention and ongoing weekly support. Your staff will also undergo extensive sales training to ensure your team excels in your studio’s goals.


•我們相信廣泛的支持和全面的培訓對於您成為 YogaM48 特許經營商的成功至關重要。 您將在我們位於香港的公司總部參加為期 2天的培訓課程,以及一年一度的特許經營大會和每週持續的支持。 您的員工還將接受廣泛的銷售培訓,以確保您的團隊在您工作室的目標中表現出色

Interested in Opening a Studio?

Build an empowered, connected and welcoming community well beyond your studio walls.




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